Image: Cantabile 2


Cantabile 2

Desire employs a game mechanism to identify which longings and hopes drive our lives. There are no fictional characters or a plot, only the performer and his audience participating in the game on equal terms. They all face the challenge of the game and approach it with equal sincerity. Desire is a freestanding scene from the latest performance by Cantabile 2 - Hidden Number. It explores relations built between audience members who in groups of four together discover secret locations in the city. Desire is one of the steps in their journey.

Drafts of Revelation are scenes selected from 3 different performances by Cantabile 2: the major one-to–one performance, Venus Labyrinth, the library project, The Space Between Two Words, and the latest work, Hidden Number. Drafts are made of three chapters, Desire, Memory, and Judgment and they can be experienced separately or as a three-step journey. Drafts of Revelation explore human integrity and, as the performance unfolds, both audience and performers experience relationships between them being formed and tightened. Audience participation is the prime mover of the performance.

Cantabile 2 has been the regional theatre of the municipality of Vordingborg since 1990. The theatre was established in 1983 by Nullo Facchini who has been its manager and director ever since. Cantabile 2 has explored different types of theatre over the years, more recently focusing on the Human Specific approach that puts the audience at the centre as an active participant alongside the performers.

Concept & performance: Nullo Facchini
Artistic director: Nullo Facchini