Image: Cathrine Hellberg


Axel Berger

Zonen is a 40 minute walk for two participants where the audience is given the freedom to decide the route in a carefully choreographed but simultaneously unpredictable encounter.

Axel Berger was born and raised in Sjöbo, Sweden. He has recently graduated from Malmö Art Academy’s undergraduate programme. The relationship with his audience is often a key element within his performance and installation work. His work can be deceivingly simple at first sight, its complexity only revealing itself slowly over time. With subtlety, humour, and a curious, almost child-like, way of observing the world, he invites us to explore the reality around us in a way that both challenges our perception and amazes us at the same time.

Zonen was created as part of Lunds Konsthall Ute by Axel Berger in collaboration with Gabriel Bohm Calles, Jenny Andersson and Mayson Fung.