Image: Anna Thunström

My Inner Room

Anna Thunström

My Inner Room is a one-to-one performance about dreams, self-doubt and identity. The visitor is invited to take part in the performer’s childhood dream and is guided through her story of feeling stuck in an inner room of doubt, surrounded by thoughts about how life “should” be. During the performance the visitor interacts with the performer and becomes an active part of the story. My Inner Room takes the visitor on a journey that is both personal and at the same time completely universal.

In whichever field Anna Thunström is working, her voice is her main means of expression. Anna obtained an MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg (2016-2018), where her main focus was to explore audience meeting and using lyrics as a tool for reflection. Originally trained as a classical singer at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg (2007-2012), Anna has sung in numerous Early Music festivals in the UK. During her Masters, she started developing her own work, such as the performance In Darkness Let Me Dwell, in which the audience members lie down to listen to melancholy music; and Heart of Light which took place in an underground water reservoir. Anna specialises in creating work where the individual audience members’ interpretation and unique experience are her focal point.

Anna particularly enjoys interdisciplinary collaborations. She has performed in sound artist Gustav Lejelind’s two cross-disciplinary operas A Part and A Part Two, and the documentary performance The End by the performing arts company Osynliga Teatern. In autumn 2019, she will be a part of the conceptual opera Chrono’s Bank of Memories, which will be performed in secret spaces in Halmstad. Anna’s passion is to explore ways of blurring the borders between performer and audience member, through placing early classical music in a contemporary setting, to give people a chance to relate to music they never heard before.

The performance includes music and is performed in English.

Concept & Performance: Anna Thunström
Production Assistant: Georgios Giokotos

Saturday 19 October, 15.30-17.30, 19.30-21.30 - Stenkrossen

Sunday 20 October, 12.00-14.00, 15.00-17.00 - Stenkrossen

Duration: 20 mins