Image: Auðunn Kvaran

Source: HDMI No Signal

Auðunn Kvaran

The viewer steps into a dark space that's only lit up by a blank error message being projected onto the wall from across the room. As the viewer approaches a virtual reality headset in the centre of the room they become engulfed in the light from the projector. Once the headset is on, viewers will find themselves in a lo-fi digital recreation of the same room they are currently in. By creating and underlying the friction between simple two dimensional and complex third dimensional technologies within the same setting, attention is drawn to their materialistic attributes. An aesthetic whole is created that displays both the paradox of recreating mundane everyday life and the paradox of using technology in a way that renders it somewhat useless.

Auðunn is a 3rd year fine arts BA student at the Icelandic University of the arts. He mostly works in digital mediums where he chooses the appropriate medium with respect to what he'd like his artwork to stand for. Working with traditional digital mediums mixed with more experimental data-bending techniques, the mediums often play a big role in his works. Post-digital and post-internet aesthetics and philosophies have been a big part of his artistic process, mainly as a way of bringing the medium closer to the artwork.

Saturday 19 October, 14.00-23.00 - Stenkrossen

Sunday 20 October, 14.00-22.00 - Stenkrossen

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