Mono Festival began in 2016 as a collaboration between artist Tim Bishop and Lunds konsthall supported by Lunds kommun. Over three editions, Mono Festival has curated a high-quality selection of physical performances, screenings, sound installations, virtual experiences and gatherings that respond to individual participants. Mono is based in Lund, Sweden and has presented work at Lunds konsthall, Skissernas Museum, Stenkrossen and outdoors around the city of Lund.

Information about previous Mono artists and works are available in the Mono archive.

Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop is a performance artist and spatial audio designer with a BA in Drama from the University of Bristol, UK. He has a wide experience of one-to-one performance as both an audience member and artist. His own one-to-one practice focuses on creating personal connections between artwork and audience, and prompts individual and, often, emotional responses through highly aesthetic, sensory and evocative experiences. Tim’s work has been shown in Sweden, Norway, Romania, Russia and the UK, including performances at Arnolfini gallery, Bristol, and Kulturhuset, Stockholm.


Paula Ludusan Gibe

Paula Ludusan Gibe is an art historian with a MA in Museology. She has been responsible for Gallery Pictura in Lund and, as well as curating Mono Festival, also coordinates the art education programme at Lunds konsthall in Lund, Sweden. Her research in meaning-making in contemporary curatorial practices has been published by Lund University.