Mono Festival began in 2016 as a collaboration between artist Tim Bishop and Lunds konsthall supported by Lunds kommun. The inaugural edition of the festival took place on 17 September 2016 at Lunds konsthall, Lund, Sweden, featuring both new and established performances by Sweden-based artists Bombina Bombast, Lundahl & Seitl and Tim Bishop. Following the continuation of support by Lunds kommun, the second edition of the festival took place in Lund on 16 September 2017 in partnership with Lunds konsthall and new partner venue Stenkrossen, featuring Nordic artists Axel Berger (SE), Cantabile 2 (DK), The Center for Everything (FI), Tim Bishop (UK/SE), and VR-Rummet (SE).

The next edition of Mono Festival will take place in 2019.

Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop is an English artist based in Sweden, with a wide experience of one-to-one performance as both an audience member and artist. His own one-to-one practice focuses on creating personal connections between artwork and audience, and prompts individual and, often, emotional responses through highly aesthetic, sensory and evocative experiences. Tim’s work has been shown in Sweden, Norway, Romania, Russia and the UK, including performances at Arnolfini gallery, Bristol, and Kulturhuset, Stockholm.


Lunds Konsthall

Lunds konsthall is a significant international contemporary art venue founded in the centre of Lund, Sweden, in 1957. Housed in a Modernist building designed by Klas Anshelm, Lunds konsthall produces four major exhibitions of new or recent work each year and provides a comprehensive education programme to schools within Lund. Lunds konsthall exhibits both established and lesser-known artists, with a focus on regional and international collaboration. Lunds konsthall’s vision is to be a venue for the promotion and public discussion of contemporary art that reflects the creative energies that it offers society. This is reflected in a programme of events informed by current research and experimentation with new exhibition formats.



Stenkrossen is a production space for art, culture and innovation, managed by Lund municipality.