Image: Sara Lindström

Dancing on my own

Sara Lindström

Dancing on my own is a film installation celebrating the simplicity and complexity of dancing. By inviting one person at a time to dance to their favourite song in front of the camera, the film gives form to a collection of physical and audible portraits exploring why music is so enjoyable. What is it that activates our sensory creativity, and what are our individual and collective motivations for dancing?

Every visitor books a 30-minute slot in which they get to dance to their chosen music followed by a short interview on how their chosen song affects them both physically and emotionally.

Dancing on my own was first made in Leeds and screened at The Tetley centre for contemporary art, as part of Juncture Festival by Yorkshire dance, in 2016.

Sara Lindström is an interdisciplinary choreographer based in Sweden working with installation, video and performance. Combining choreography, video and audience interaction, her work plays with relations between body, space, language, identity and notions of the private and public. In recent years her work has often developed from situation or location-specific processes, exploring perception of space and movement within a specific context and how this informs encounters between people.